Salty Pancakes - 7,50 €

Pancakes with mayonnaise, arugula, bacon, tomato and cheddar Also served with egg +€0.50

Sweet Pancakes - 7,20 €

Pancakes with chocolate praline, grated oreo cookie, whipped cream and grated pistachios

Omelet Burger - 8,90 €

Fluffy burger buns with egg omelette, cream cheese, tomato, caramelized bacon and yellow cheese sauce accompanied by mesclan salad

Peinirli Scrambled - 7,80 €

Handmade peinirli base with egg scramble, tomato wedges, bacon and mayonnaise

Thessaloniki's Breakfast - 8,00 €

Thessaloniki pretzels, green salad with cherry tomatoes, scrambled eggs, cock- tail sausages and slices of smoked bacon

Healthy Yogurt Bowl - 5,50 €

Yogurt bowl with honey, walnuts, ground pistachios and forest fruits

Handmade Traditional pies of the day - 5,00 €

Spinach-cheese and Cheese

Kagianias - 7,00 €

Grilled bread, cayenne eggs, fresh tomato, grated feta cheese, herbs and arugula

Breakfast served from 10:00 till 14:00.