Homemade Traditional Pie -  €4,50

Bueno Waffle - €7,50

With Bueno praline, white chocolate praline, Bueno bites & chocolate cigarellos.

Chocolate Waffle - €6,50

With hazelnut praline & grated cookie.

Summer Forest Pan Cakes - €7,70

With chocolate praline, handmade patisserie, banana pieces & forest fruits.

Villa Luna Pan Cakes - €8,90

With cottage cheese, bacon, baby rocket leaves, fresh tomato, cheddar sauce, & fried egg.

Baked Omelette - €7,50

Omelette with bacon, onion, pepper, feta cheese, parsley & parmesan. Served with a small fresh salad & toasted bread.

Folded Omelette - €7,50

Omelette with baby spinach leaves, caprino cheese, fresh onion, baby tomatoes & fresh wholegrain bread.

Scrambled Peinirli - €7,80

With caramelized bacon, scrambled eggs, mascarpone & chopped chives.

Thessaloniki Breakfast - €7,70

Two fried eggs, fresh baby tomatoes, grilled bacon, mini sausages, fresh green salad & Thessaloniki’s koulouri.

Lila Pause Pancakes - €8,10

With cream cheese & pieces of strawberry, hazelnut praline, chocolate strawberry & Lila Pause pieces.

Sweet Pancakes - €7,20

With hazelnut praline, grated Oreo cookie & forest fruits.

Salty Pancakes - €7,50

With scrambled egg, caramelized bacon, tomato, purple amaranth, mascarpone & sweet paprika sauce

Luna's Toast - €7,90

Garnished parmesan buns, baby rocket leaves, fried egg, gouda, ham, smoked bacon, mascarpone with winter truffle & fresh green salad.

Breakfast served from 10:00 till 18:00.